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25 August 2010 @ 12:41 am
Going 'Friends Only' & New Graphics Community  
Hey folks,
I'm turning my journal to friends only. No reason, really, other than:

1. With the new TV season approaching, I'll probably be using my LJ to rant a little & want to make sure I'm only friends with people who are on my side.

2. Since I've actually started making icons & fanart more regularly and have decided to branch out into other fandoms beyond Grey's Anatomy, I've created a LJ community specifically for my artistic creations. The fanvids & icons posts I have on my personal journal will remain Public, as I don't feel like manually purging each one of them into my new LJ (except for the Sandra/Kevin icons--since there were so many in one post). Eventually I'll consolidate all the other Grey's icons into one post in my new community...

Anyway, my new graphics LJ is here: peaceofmyart.
Enjoy & don't forget to join/watch it so you get updates!